Peter and Dani Mohrer are a dynamic duo for your mind. A local father and daughter team who sincerely care about the people in their community. They love what they do, and aim to set realistic expectations after getting to know each patient individually.

“On any given day we have people getting better in a remarkable, miraculous way.”

Peter Mohrer, M.D


When Dani graduated college with a liberal arts degree, she quickly found out she wasn’t going to find her passion in corporate America. She wanted meaningful work. Serendipitous timing led her to work with Peter. She quickly found out that the work that fed her soul was right at home! Dani is now proud to be helping people on the shoreline of Connecticut find mental wellness.


While attending Columbia University in 1974, Peter witnessed a turning point in mental health. State hospitals were shutting down, leaving many patients abandoned and without care in Manhattan. For example, patients with schizophrenia were left to fend for themselves on the streets.

This mass abandonment event came about at the same time that a string of serial killers surfaced. The public fell into a state of extreme fear and anxiety. Around the same time, Peter learned that a third of patients who went to the doctor’s office had psycho-social reasons that were never addressed. These events led him down the path of mental health care, and left him with a passion for improving mental health care as well as making it more accessible for those struggling.

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